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Anna Litewka-Anttolainen

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Anna Litewka-Anttolainen has a MA in Polish and Classical Studies, and European Integration postgraduate studies from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland as well as a MA degree in Cultural Production in Creative Industries from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. She is a humanist and cultural producer actively involved in actions for diversity, migrant inclusion and cultural equity in the arts and culture sector. She is especially interested in projects aimed at developing a new, innovative and creative approach to promote diversity and intercultural dialogue as well as developing strategic collaboration between local cultural institutions and different immigrant associations, youth from immigrant backgrounds and their communities. She has also worked widely in film and media education as lecturer, facilitator and cultural producer. Anna is a chairperson of the Immigrants Council of the city of Oulu, Finland. Currently Anna Litewka-Anttolainen works as a training officer at the Peace Education Institute where she develops projects related to youth equality, solidarity, dialogue, inclusion and cultural diversity.

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