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This audio journey takes you through Europe and beyond in search of a common narrative on solidarity inspired by civil society activists and by researchers. 

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Welcome to our podcast about solidarity and Europe.

Join in the quest for a common narrative on the concept of solidarity within the European Solidarity Corps programme and beyond. 

How can we foster solidarity in our society?

Between freedom and responsibility: youth participation in EU elections | Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

Between freedom and responsibility: youth participation in EU elections

How to get young people involved in shaping democratic life in the European Union? With the EU Parliament elections around the corner, we talk to Sofia Afanasjeva about how young people express their interest in politics and what barriers there are to their participation. Sofia tells us about her position as the representative of the Youth Outreach Unit and the strategies put in place to inform young people about their rights, duties and the EU decision-making processes.

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Role of freedom of expression - Podcast

The role of freedom of expression for a democratic and solidary Europe

In this episode, we’re doing a pulse check: How are European democracies doing? And what about the state of freedom of expression?

Join us for a conversation with Quinn McKew from the globally active NGO Article 19 which fights for press freedom.

Quinn tells us about the tools used by the NGO to measure freedom of expression. She also shares about tendencies in press freedom and freedom of expression they observe in Europe and beyond and the consequences for democracy and solidarity.

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Podcast - Solidarity, volunteering and the refusal of indifference.

Solidarity, volunteering and the refusal of indifference.

How can young people collectively seek solutions to the climate crisis? In this first episode of season 3, Alessandra Grisoni talks to us about the youth participation she observes in Tunisia. As a former volunteer in the ESC programme she believes solidarity cannot be only made of good intentions: empathy and active listening should foster an informed solidarity and a collective responsibility to one another.
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How Can Solidarity Bridge Detained Young People With The Rest Of Society? | Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

How can solidarity bridge detained young people with the rest of society?

What happens when solidarity projects involve those who have been excluded from society? Prisons are by definition barriers to participation. But what happens to young people who spend part of their formative years behind barriers? In this episode, Diogo Pires talks to Linda Ulane and Daniel Gismera, both are developing projects with young people in prisons with the bigger objective of supporting their inclusion in society at the end of their sentence.

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What Can Sustain Solidarity In The Face Of Violent Conflicts? - Podcast

What can sustain solidarity in the face of violent conflicts?

In the wake of violent conflicts, it is not unusual to observe waves of solidarity rushing to civilian communities. How to make that solidarity sustainable as the conflicts continue? What are key ingredients that strengthen this solidarity and transform it into structured action? How can solidarity contribute to rebuilding communities after conflict? These are some of the questions we explore in our conversation with Valeriia Shchotkina, Marzena Ples and Soraya Sarradhi-Nelson through stories from Ukraine, Iran and Colombia among others. Join us for another round-table conversation.
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How To Promote Humanitarian Solidarity In A Responsible Way? - Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

How to promote humanitarian solidarity in a responsible way?

How can humanitarian solidarity happen on eye level? What are the biases and preconceptions needing to be addressed when European volunteers go to the Global South?

In this episode, Aga Byrczek and Loan Costil give concrete examples of challenges and strategies they have adopted in order to shift to more horizontal relationships in humanitarian solidarity.

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Is Gen Z More Solidary Than Previous Generations? - Podcast - Europe Talks Solidarity

Is Gen Z more solidary than previous generations?

2022 was the international year of youth. As part of it, we talked to Zahide Özdemir, Jan Emanuel Harry and Mariyah Kayat, three socially engaged young people from Turkey, the UK and Switzerland. We explored the role solidarity plays in their lives and how it connects with identities, education and the future they see for themselves on the borders of Europe.

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Does money belong to solidarity? | Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

Does money belong to solidarity?

Can solidarity be financial? With Louise Le Coz from les Cigales we talked about how citizens can tackle local problems using their savings and the social and solidarity-based economy in France in general. She also told us about the value of human connections and the power of cooperation.

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Quelle place donner à l'argent quand on parle de solidarité? | Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

🇫🇷 Quelle place donner à l’argent quand on parle de solidarité?

Peut-on parler de solidarité financière? Avec Louise Le Coz des CIGALES – Pays de la Loire, nous parlons de la manière dont des citoyens peuvent régler des problèmes locaux en utilisant leur épargne. Nous parlons aussi d’économie sociale et solidaire en France. Louise nous donne également son point de vue personnel sur la valeur des relations humaines et sur le pouvoir de la coopération.

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Can You Be Solidary On An Empty Stomach Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

Can you be solidary on an empty stomach?

In this episode we approach solidarity from what brings people together around the table: food. But what happens if you don’t have enough food and how does this connect with migration, human rights and social inclusion? This and more is part of our conversation with Amine Diaré Condé, the founder of Essen für Alle, a food distribution initiative in Switzerland.

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What Makes A City Solidary Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast

What makes a city solidary

How does a solidary city look like? Which services, which places and spaces make citizens feel at home? In this episode, we talked with Tommi Laitio and Chloé Bonjean about what can help create a sense of home for inhabitants of Helsinki, Finland and Sevran, France. We also discussed the idea of conviviality as a fertilizer for more solidarity in Europe.

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Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast | How to avoid being a white saviour? - Amr Arafa

How to avoid being a white saviour?

In this episode, we are talking to Egyptian youth worker Amr Arafa, who wrote an article for the Europe Talks Solidarity series about the implications of putting “Solidarity” in the name of the European Solidarity Corps. With Amr we discuss the danger of hierarchies, the different layers of solidarity and the suggestions he has for young volunteers and the organisations that host them.
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Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast | What can happen if we open up to others? - Peter Mitchell

What can happen if we open up to others?

What if we opened up our hearts, minds and doors to solidarity? In this episode, we’re in Germany to talk to Peter Mitchell. He wrote an article for “Europe Talks Solidarity” about a project for young migrants called “Café Bamako”. He invites us to go beyond the idea of solidarity as assistance by civil society towards “people in need”.

Instead, he suggests that we look at it as an opportunity for people to empower themselves.

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Europe Talks Solidarity Podcast | Looking for a common understanding of solidarity in Europe - Susie Nicodemi & Snezana Baclija Knoch

Looking for a common understanding of solidarity in Europe

What is solidarity? How would you define it? In this episode we’re talking to Susie Nicodemi & Snežana Bačlija Knoch. They are the authors of “Forethought on Solidarity”, a study looking for a common understanding of the topic in Europe.

From Snežana and Susie we want to know about their experience in creating the study, how the understanding of solidarity varies throughout the continent and why it matters to look for a shared concept.

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A podcast about solidarity and Europe. 

This is a podcast of SALTO European Solidarity Corps, produced by Instituto Now. The podcast is available for Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, on Spotify and via RSS. 

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