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Christiana Xenofontos

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Vice-President of the European Youth Forum

Christiana Xenofontos holds a BA in Political Sciences from the University of Cyprus, with expertise in International Relations. The last four years she has been working as a Parliamentary Associate at the House of the Representatives in Cyprus, for Demetris Demetriou (MP).

She is a youth expert with several years of involvement in the youth-eco system in Cyprus and in Europe and she served the Youth Rights from different positions and roles. From 2015 to 2019 she worked as a Youth Policy Officer at the Cyprus Youth Council (CYC), which she also served from the elected position of the Vice-President, representing the NGO Cyprus Youth DiplomaCY (2019-2020). She has been an external partner of the Youth Board of Cyprus for Youth Policy and Youth Strategy issues and she is still an active member of the committee regarding the recognition of Youth Worker in Cyprus.

Her cooperation with the European Youth Forum started back in 2016 and she became actively involved in 2018 when she got elected as a Member of the Consultative Body on Membership Applications. In November 2020 she became the first Cypriot, representing the Cyprus Youth Council, who got elected as a Board Member of the European Youth Forum for the term 2021-2022. In 2022 she was reelected, this time for the position of the Vice-President of the European Youth Forum. Her main portfolio is Youth Participation and Democracy, with focus on the EP elections 2024 and the EU Youth Test.

In May of 2023 she got elected as a member of the Political Office of the Democratic Rally in Cyprus.

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