Irina Buzu - Europe Talks Solidarity Webinars 2023 With Motiv
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Irina Buzu

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Advisor to the Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister for Economic Development and Digitalisation of Moldova and delegate to the Council of Europe Committee for AI 

Passionate about information technology, innovation, art and AI, Irina is pursuing her PhD research in international law, with a focus on AI regulation and digital creativity. She is currently the advisor on AI to the Deputy Prime-minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalisation, is a delegate to the CoE Committee on AI and is part of the European AI Alliance. Irina is also an emerging tech expert at Europuls, and as part of her research interests she studies the intersection between algorithmic decision-making, ethics and public policy, aiming to understand and explore the functioning of the technology that enables algorithmic decision-making and how such technologies shape our worldview and influence our decisions.

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