Krišjānis Liepa - Europe Talks Solidarity Webinars 2023 With Motiv
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Krišjānis Liepa

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ESC Solidarity Projects Officer, Agency for International Programmes for Youth in Latvia 

I have been connected to different EU youth programmes both as a participant and applicant almost for 10 years now –  ever since I received my educational background in economics and went for a European Voluntary Service experience right after.  However now, for almost a year, I have been getting to know the field from the administration side within the Latvian NA as the ESC Solidarity Projects officer and recently adding to that – “green” priority officer. Through my time being involved with different NGO initiatives, strengthening democracy and developing youth involvement has been one of the most important topics of my work. Besides that I am also a regular person who enjoys outside, board games, good food and a bunch of funky physical activities.

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