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Insights in good quality projects funded by the European Solidarity Corps Programme


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The report contains case studies of twenty-nine European Solidarity Corps projects. It includes key messages about the nature of projects nominated and how they related to the concepts of solidarity as defined in the 4thought for Solidarity research. It compares the projects to findings in this research and asks further questions about what we mean by solidarity.

The survey focused on projects funded through European Solidarity Corps, it asked NA officers to identify interesting and good quality examples of projects funded. This was done to help identify and share examples of funded projects amongst the NA network and identify early learning from the Solidarity Corps programme.

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Dan Deko
Dan Moxon
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Dan Moxon is a researcher and practitioner specialising in inclusive youth participation.

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Adina Deko
Adina Șerban
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Adina Marina (Calafateanu) Serban, PhD in Political Sciences (Comparative European Youth Policies in Romania and Turkey), with extended expertise in grassroots youth work and youth work methodologies and practices, youth participation methodologies and inclusion and digital inclusion policies.

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