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Marina Codorniu Matas

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My name is Marina Codorniu and I am passionate about life, society and The Earth. That is why I studied Geography at the University of Barcelona.

After a long time being a volunteer for different NGOs, I became a freelance trainer, facilitator, coach and project manager. I collaborate with diverse organizations designing and managing projects as well as delivering training courses and facilitating all over Europe and the North of Africa. My life purpose is to contribute to improving the wellness of living beings through my job and daily actions.

Explore the author’s contributions to the discourse on solidarity.

Solidarity-based solutions to the increasing vulnerability of young people in Europe

The condition of young people in the European Union is a cause of great concern. Challenges such as youth unemployment or low participation of young people in the democratic life are already being tackled by the EU and civil society. This is to try and improve the welfare of this social group, which is becoming more vulnerable during crises such as COVID-19.

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