Discover the webinars we planned for you to discover and proclaim solidarity together.

December is the month for celebration and for reflection. We invite you to join our initiative to proclaim the month of December as a month of solidarity.

Webinars Solidarity December SALTO ESC
and solidary

7th December
15:00 CET

and service learning

13th December
15:00 CET

Celebration of solidarity,
tackling worldwide problems together

20th December
15:00 CET

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7 December Solidarity Month SALTO ESC

Wednesday 7th of December | 15:00 (CET) | Zoom

Volunteering and solitary


  • Oliver Wittershagen – expert on international volunteering, ex-UNV staff, facilitator in the UNV pool of facilitators
  • Gabriella Civico – expert on European volunteering, Director at European Volunteer Centre – CEV
Facilitator: Elisabeth Einwanger


Join a first discussion about the connection between volunteering and solidarity.

Together we will explore:

  • How is solidarity shaped by voluntarism ?
  • How does volunteering influence/structure/define solidarity?
  • What specific meanings of solidarity are tackled by volunteering?
  • Is volunteering an act of solidarity per se?

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13 December Solidarity Month SALTO ESC

Tuesday 13th of December | 15:00 (CET) | Zoom

Solidarity and service learning


Guest: Prof. Maria Nieves Tapia- CLAYYS Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario
Facilitator: Maria Butyka


In the second webinar, we will discuss about how solidarity is seen in Argentina and what can we learn from how solidarity is understood in South America. Together with our guest, Prof. Maria Nieves Tapia from CLAYYS Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario, we will discuss:

  • What is service learning and how it shapes solidarity in South America and across the world?
  • Why solidarity is more than an European value, it is a universal value!
  • What is service learning and how it shapes solidarity in South America and across the world?

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20 December Solidarity Month SALTO ESC

Tuesday 20th of December | 15:00 (CET) | Zoom

Celebration of solidarity, tackling worldwide problems together


Guests: TBA


Main topics addressed:

  • Why did the UN declare the day of solidarity? 
  • What challenges are there to address? And how can we address those challenges with solidarity?


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Meet the facilitators

Elisabeth EinwangerElisabeth Einwanger

Over the last 20 years I have been working as a trainer, facilitator and course leader. Based in beautiful Tirol, I have designed and facilitated a big variety of formats in the field of youth, adult education and multiplier events, in the scope of Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Austrian Alps association, Austrian Economic Institute and Bolzmann Institute for Human rights.  I feel challenged by elaborating new ideas and conceptualizing different types of training and seminars – either online, in presence or hybrid – nourished by fruitful cooperations with colleagues, contractors and participants. Having facilitated various events in the frame of Solidarity, I am deeply impressed by the strong and heartful spirit of people involved in small, but impactful projects. Singing and spending time out in nature charge my batteries and prepare the ground for new ideas and upcoming steps



Maria Butyka

Maria Butyka

I am passionate about Experiential Learning for more then 18 years. I am facilitating groups in formal and non-formal contexts using different methodologies as outdoor, adventure education or Service Learning. I am especially involved as manager, trainer, facilitator or educational resources developer in programs that tackles active citizenships, human right or sustainable development. I am mostly active in Romania, but the program and organizations I have been serving have programs that has impact across the globe as: New Horizons Foundation, A.R.T. Fusion Association, World Vision International, WWF, etc. I am also an Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps beneficiary and trainer in the Romanian National Pool of Trainers.  When it comes to my work in solidarity, I love to see how a little seed in the right moment, the right environment and with a bit of support can grow into a beautiful person.


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